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About US

Halal Agency Serbia was established in 2005 by Islamic Community of Serbia (ICS), after the Serbian Government brought the law which allows Religious Communities to have their own companies, agencies, etc. ICS established Halal Agency to be in charge of Halal-Certification that fulfill the Islamic law (Shariah), it’s rules and principles, and for advising the Serbian Stakeholders on all matters relating to Halal Standard and its implementation.

Our Mission

Halal Agency Serbia has the mission to make Halal option available in all institutions of both, government and private sector and offer to Halal consumers ability to choose and use Halal products

Our Vision

To live in the World where Halal consumers won’t have difficulties finding Halal products no matter where they live and work.

Why Halal Agency Serbia?

Benefit of working with us:

  • Expertise in reviewing products, ingredients, preparation and processing methods, and hygiene and sanitation procedures.
  • Maintaining strict confidentiality of all company information.
  • Implementation of HAS’s documented procedure for producing halal products. The procedure is continually refined as new techniques and new ingredients are developed, and it is consistent with HACCP, ISO, and other quality and safety standards.
  • Halal training for key personnel, who then pass this training on to the other staff, ensuring broad-based knowledge of the proper halal production methods.
  • The HAS Halal certificate, which is accepted Worldwide.
  • Permission to display the HAS certification logo on the halal-certified product label.
  • Referrals to companies sourcing halal products and ingredients worldwide.
Halal Agency Serbia may issue Halal Certificate for any product and service that fulfils Halal Standard of Serbia HSS-2009 rules and conditions, and, to supervise the holders of Halal Certificates to ensure that the requirements of the Shariah rules are compiled within the production from supplying with raw materials until the final product comes to the consumer.