August 25 2019 13:07:28
Images: ihi2010.JPGSertifikat Halal Agencije Islamske zajednice Srbije zvanicno verifikovan od strane IHI ALIJANSE. Ova instituicija je osnovana pod pokroviteljstvom OIC-a (organizacije Islamskih zemalja) i Islamske privredne komore Saudijske arabije. Ovo priznanje je uruceno tokom Svetskog Halal foruma na gala veceri organizovanoj od strane predsednika vlade Malezije, g. Nadziba. 

Generalnom direktoru Halal agencije Islamske zajednice Srbije g. Mustafi Jusufspahicu sertifikat o clanstvu je urucio je prvi covek IHI Alijanse g. Darhim Hashmi. Toj svecanosti je prisustvovao veliki broj visokih zvanica iz celoga sveta.

Tokom Svetskog Halal Foruma g. Jusufspahic sastao sa gospodinom Datuk Nadzibom Tun Razak-om Premijerom Malezije i tom prilikom je u srdacnom i bratskom razgovoru preneo selame Muslimana Srbije i na zelju Premijera ukratko izneo stanje i polozaj muslimana u Srbiji.
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The hunger games is a novel that works because it resonates with its audience very well! web game The director will enjoy watching the student actors grow as they play, laugh with their cast mates, and become more spontaneous, creative performers. These games might not be planned for a long time.
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By digging deeper into the details, you will realize that there are several free as well as paid flash gaming sites! game online Weighing up the features of one from another is extremely difficult. Join them and play the online games they love to play...
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Whilst far from original, the combination of themes including oppression, love, trust and cruelty creates an exciting story. web game Back in 1995, when pokemon first began, it has caught the imagination of youngsters minds throughout the world. On july 6, 2005, the ioc announced that london will host the 2012 olympic games.
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Playing games on the net was once an imaginary phrase. game online Isnt that great... Online gaming on mobile phones has started too, but it has yet to generate a mark because there are many technological restrictions as of now.
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Gamers are now the co-authors that are authorized to take part in the experience. web game Ask questions if you are not sure about something. However, as with any popular item on the market today there has been an abundance of controversy over these popular video games.
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Tennis for two was created by william higinbotham, a physicist working at the brookhaven national laboratory. game online Most recent reports tell that the new gaming experience allowed nintendos wii to beat and outperform its challengers, which are microsofts xbox 360 and sonys playstation 3. These video games are made for youthful youngsters and adult each and every!
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So, let there be no doubt that both of these worthy consoles provide great graphics and present unique and thoroughly exciting games impeccably!!! game online If you are looking out to play online games you will be able to find several websites on search engines. It feels right, certainly, whenever you consider the particular audience of these sorts of online games, popular star because they are around fits naturally.
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